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Xiaoxiao Ma (Jessica)
"There are so many splendid memories from the three and half years I spent in Switzerland. It was such an unforgettable experience and Switzerland has already become my second home. BHMS gave me a really nice ending to my stay. Thanks for all the support and guidance from all the BHMS lecturers. I especially appreciate the kind help from Mr. Terry. I'm proud to see the school is developing and my classmates having such success. Thanks BHMS one more time."

With best regards,
Jessica Ma
Executive Secretary
Kempinski Hotel Shenyang, China.


Dear Mr. Terry;

"No doubt BHMS and teachers like you helped me lot and given me the opportunity to groom myself to European hospitality standards. I am not buttering but there was only one teacher that really challenged me
academically- and that was you.

I am really very happy to read that things have developed further at BHMS, this is only due to consistent hard work of people like you. Now I also wish to complete my MBA from BHMS."

Wakar Qureshi
Manager Executive Office Coordination
Hashoo Group of Companies
        Wakar Qureshi

Joshua Rishwanth Jayapaul
My entire Swiss experience was very informative right from day one. The teachers, Dr. Anderson, Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Watkins, and not to forget Dean Terry, are never to be forgotten once you have been in their classes. Being on the U.S. Work & Travel program has made me realize how important every detail I learned in school was. I wish all future students equal luck.

Joshua Rishwanth Jayapaul
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles
        Joshua Rishwanth

Vaibhav Mahindrakar
My experience at BHMS was 'valuable'. I learned what 'professionalism' is and that helped me down the path to a successful career in Culinary Management. Classes are short and to the point with a very professional faculty, getting everyone to attend and involved. Highly disciplined Swiss industry training also helped me prepare for my current position in the United States. I would also like to mention the Dean, Mr. Philipp Terry, who helped us for with everything and had solution for every problem. He was especially helpful in securing international, post-graduate placement.

Vaibhav Mahindrakar
Holiday Inn Superdome, New Orleans
        Vaibhav Mahindrakar

Zakar Oganian
"I spent two splendid years at BHMS. Having successfully studied hospitality subjects I also managed to excel, among other things, in self-motivation, order and self-determination. I learned the value and significance of helping others and contributing to the surrounding community. I am now an undergraduate student at one of the finest universities in England.

I would very much like to thank BHMS and Mr. Phillipp Terry for an offering of such a benevolent acceleration to the world of unlimited opportunities and career chances."
Zakar Oganian
Keel University, Staffordshire

        Zakar Oganian

Manoj Kumar
"Many of my teachers at BHMS brought actual business experience to the classroom, creating a very exciting learning environment. The size of the program facilitates teachers working together, integrating learning from various courses to address complex real world business problems. The greatest asset of the program has been small class sizes, supportive faculty. It has lead to a job offer as a Front Office management trainee in a four star hotel."
Manoj Kumar
Eliot Suite Hotel, Boston

        Manoj Kumar

Jin Chen
"I was one of the first students to enrol at BHMS. I was very impressed with the commitment and hard work of Mr. Terry and other staff members, who invested much time in developing the quality of the school and building the international education partnership with other world first class institutions.

I was also the first student that transferred from BHMS to the University of Brighton and I really enjoyed the wonderful time in both Lucerne and Eastbourne."
Kind Regards
Jin Chen, Upper Second Honours Degree
University of Brighton, Eastbourne

        Jin Chen (Ryan)

Yanni Chen
"The courses were exceptional, providing theory and allowing us to apply what we learned with opportunities that focus on current business issues and challenges. The school broadened my global perspective through regular interaction and teamwork with students, not only from Switzerland but from around the world and as a result, I received the opportunity of a lifetime in the United States as a Room Divisions management trainee."
Yanni Chen (Grace)
Eliot Suite Hotel, Boston
        Janni Chen (Grace)

"BHMS is my mother school in Europe. Here I learned a lot of things that I never dreamed about in Inner Mongolia. This was a wonderful experience! All of the teachers were very friendly and nice, most important of all, they were very responsive to every student. I am sure if I had not enrolled in BHMS, I would never have had the opportunity to study in EHL. Thank you very much to all the teachers!"
Ecole Hotelière Lausanne, Switzerland
Hairihan (Grace)

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