B.H.M.S. introduces eight new Executive Diploma Programs for professionals who would like to broaden their knowledge, and experience the Swiss education in a unique 10-week study period. No study visa required and you can enjoy another 2 weeks of holidays in Lucerne Switzerland.

These programs will give you the confidence and influence to become a successful leader at a personal and business level. With 4 intakes every year and 8 different specialisations to choose from, you will be able to acquire managerial and technical skills to lead effectively business organizations in global environments.


These new executive programs are beneficial because of the interactive teaching methods used, which combine theoretical know-how and practical approaches.
The company visits, different for each specialisation, are an integral part of the studies at B.H.M.S. and students can also take advantage of the extensive managerial experience of our international faculty members.

Furthermore, the students will work with branch-related case studies and business games to solve managerial challenges and they will get familiarise with contemporary  trends and issues affecting their managerial career. 
It is also important, that the students who study at B.H.M.S., build up an international network of colleagues and friends as they become confident, fulfilled managers and business leaders.

The 8 New Executive Diplomas are: 

This intensive 10-week program allows budding entrepreneurs to develop the knowledge and gain the tools to be able to innovate, test and justify new products and service ideas in an international context. Participants will investigate new business opportunities presented by the digital economy and develop their own start-up concept from fledgling idea to full business plan. Market research, sales forecasts, budgeting, resourcing and financing options are all reviewed to provide a solid business foundation to evaluate commercial viability. Participants will also explore the transition from a start-up to an established business model and growth strategies available to move the business forward. 

This intensive 10-week program provides participants with the fundamentals of conducting business and communicating with their potential consumers in the digital economy. Participants will explore how emerging digital technologies can be used to create more value for customers, generate new business models, and provide opportunities for new business ventures. The key principles of digital design, customising content and data tracking are integrated into the program to ensure participants have both the theoretical and practical skills to successfully innovate in their chosen career paths. 

This intensive 10-week program introduces participants to the world of finance, investment strategies and financial controlling which is crucial to all business sectors today. The modules examine the global financial market and the cause and effect of changes in the external environment before moving to the concepts behind investment decisions, developing portfolios and managing risk. The program is focused on developing the knowledge and skills needed to make informed financial management decisions applicable to a variety of sectors. 

This intensive 10-week program develops both the theoretical and practical skills of participants looking to develop a successful managerial career in the sports and events sectors. Topics such as event planning & measuring the success of events, venue, stakeholders and volunteer management and sports marketing are explored in details. Participants will also examine sponsorship options, celebrity endorsements and licensing considerations using a variety of case studies and examples. Event campaigns, social media and digital communities are the main focus in event communication strategies. 

This 10-week program takes on strategic property-level issues with depth and precision. You will concentrate on hotel-management issues and collaborate to expand the foundation of your knowledge, broaden your viewpoint, and produce new solutions to the problems you face. Through interactive classroom discussions and informal breakaway chat sessions, participants dissect theory-based ideas and learning, and relate these to current issues in the industry. This program shapes decision-makers into strategic thinkers. 

This 10-week program examines the issues and challenges of the foodservice industry and strategies that contribute to a successful foodservice operation. Participants will learn how to manage the major areas of menu planning, purchasing, receiving, storage, production, and control systems. They will assess the effectiveness of several foodservice systems, use a service blueprint to improve the service delivery process and increase profits, and examine such variables as client flow, menu planning, dining time, optimal table mix, meal duration, and variable pricing.

This intensive 10-week program delivers a practical, hands-on training in the specialist area of bakery and pastry for those looking to hone their culinary craftsmanship in this field. Participants will study modern baking methods and the basics of pastry to produce a variety of European and international breads, pies and tarts. Hot and cold desserts, creams, cakes, special occasion creations and decoration techniques are being taught before concluding the course in the delicate art of sugar work and chocolate making.

This 10-week program will give participants the knowledge needed to understand the financial and operational aspects of hotel asset and real estate investment management. You’ll examine leasing agreements, learn about valuation and explore financing, equity structuring and exit strategies. Upon completion, participants will be able to develop a superior hotel real estate management and execution plan.


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