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Digital Leadership & Marketing

Digital Leadership & Marketing

This intensive 10-week program provides participants with the fundamentals of conducting business and communicating with their potential consumers in the digital economy. Participants will explore how emerging digital technologies can be used to create more value for customers, generate new business models, and provide opportunities for new business ventures. The key principles of digital design, customizing content and data tracking are integrated into the program to ensure participants have both the theoretical and practical skills to successfully innovate in their chosen career paths.

Participant Profile

Professionals responsible for managing teams and need guidance on how to lead effectively in a digital age.

Program Structure

Relationship Marketing & Customer Behaviour
Learn how to design powerful relationship marketing strategies to create loyal customer and positively impact the business bottom-line.

Digital Design and Video Editing
Learn advanced editing and post-production techniques and create animated motion graphics.

Digital Campaigns and Measurements of Success
Explore the digital campaign strategy, planning, controlling digital channels as well as designing of a compelling message to the target audience.

Innovation in a Digital Era
In just a few years, companies like Facebook, Amazon, Uber have changed the face of the global economy. This module provides a knowledge toolkit for the ongoing digital revolution.

Case Studies & Company Visits
Digital campaigns best practice within Europe and around the world.