Business and Hotel Management School - Luzern Switzerland

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The General Manager

The General Manager

This 10-week program takes on strategic property-level issues with depth and precision. You will concentrate on hotel-management issues and collaborate to expand the foundation of your knowledge, broaden your viewpoint, and produce new solutions to the problems you face. Through interactive classroom discussions and informal breakaway chat sessions, participants dissect theory-based ideas and learning, and relate these to current issues in the industry. This program shapes decision-makers into strategic thinkers.

Participant Profile

Industry professionals including full-service hotel general managers and their immediate successors.

Program Structure

Leadership & Team Building
Gain insight into your own leadership style and apply motivational concepts and techniques to draw exceptional performance from teams.

Human Resources Strategy
Learn how to link the HR program with the strategic management process of your hotel, including alignment within the HR function.

Financial Management for Value Creation
Understand the competing interests within a hotel and learn how to enhance the hotel’s ability to create value.

Hotel Asset Management
Understand the contemporary asset management practice and the owner’s view of an individual asset strategic planning.

Strategic Marketing and Brand Management
Adopt a strategic marketing orientation and familiarize with the concepts and principles for developing, managing and growing brands.