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The Restaurant Manager

The Restaurant Manager

This 10-week program examines the issues and challenges of the foodservice industry and strategies that contribute to a successful foodservice operation. Participants will learn how to manage the major areas of menu planning, purchasing, receiving, storage, production, and control systems. They will assess the effectiveness of several foodservice systems, use a service blueprint to improve the service delivery process and increase profits, and examine such variables as client flow, menu planning, dining time, optimal table mix, meal duration, and variable pricing.

Participant Profile

Industry professionals including restaurant managers, restaurant owners and their immediate successors.

Program Structure

Meeting the Challenges of Foodservice Management
Learn strategies for managing trends in the foodservice industry, and discover the opportunities and risks associated with incorporating trends.

Marketing, Service, and HR Systems of Foodservice
Explore the integral part the menu plays in conveying the personality of the foodservice, and shows how the operational systems are used to ensure quality and yield.

Control Systems
Explore various devices such as schedules, forecasts, and operational statements managers use to guide their operations and monitor the effectiveness of each one of the other foodservice systems.

Restaurant Revenue Management
Learn the key concepts of revenue management and how to apply it to your restaurant operation.