Business and Hotel Management School - Luzern Switzerland

Höhere Fachschule
BHMS Study Fees

Study Fees 2018 in Swiss Francs (CHF)

Course FeeApplication FeeShared Standard
Meals Plan Operating Expenses2Total Fee
BA Degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management or Global Management - 36 months
1st Year Diploma22'3004003'0001'2002'00028'900
2nd Year Higher Diploma23'3004003'0001'2002'00029'900
3rd Year Bachelor Degree24'3004003'0001'2002'00030'900
M.Sc. Degree24'3004003'0001'2002'00030'900
MBA Degree BHMS24'3004003'0001'2002'00030'900
Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts - 36 months
1st Year Diploma21'3004003'0001'2002'00027'900
2nd Year Higher Diploma21'3004003'0001'2002'00027'900
3rd Year Bachelor Degree22'3004003'0001'2002'00028'900
Postgraduate diploma culinary arts - 12 months
PGD Culinary Arts22'3004003'0001'2002'00028'900
Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management - 12 months
PGD Hospitality
Graduate Certificate - 3 MONTHS
Graduate Certificate14'300-1'50060050016'900
University English Foundation - 3 months
University English Foundation5'600-1'5006005008'200

Refundable Deposit: A yearly refundable deposit of CHF 500 is charged to all students to cover any damage caused to BHMS property during studies

1 CHF 3'000 surcharge for single standard accommodation (Single room with shared facilities).

   CHF 6'000 surcharge for single studio accommodation (Single room with private facilities)

2 Included in the Operating Expenses:
> Mandatory health & medical insurance for 12 months.
> Industry placement service.
> Airport pick-up ( for new students only ).
> Registration and enrolment fees.
> Visa, B-permit and local tax.
> Access to e-campus and internet.
> Excursions and fieldtrips.
> Job Placement Support.