You may have heard that working in the Hospitality Industry is fun and exciting. It is true that it can be challenging, but it is also very fulfilling. 

There are many ways to step into this area, and a Bachelor's or Master's Degree prepare students to global and diverse careers.

If you are interested in working abroad you should definitely consider studying Hospitality Management. The service industry, whose Hospitality is part of, is diverse, and includes many sectors such as banking, real estate, finance, insurance, marketing, and luxury.

Check out these 10 reasons why is it great to have a job related to Hospitality:






1 - It’s a powerful industry -  The Hospitality industry is one of the world’s biggest employers and creators of economic growth. It means that a world of opportunities are offered to those who wish to start a career in this area. Travel & Tourism accounts 1 in 11 jobs in the world (according to WTTC).

2 - Diverse and dynamic work environments - In the Hospitality Industry there is a variety of career paths to pursue. A Bachelor Degree in Hospitality focused in Management, for example, will include the learning of business skills. Also, the knowledge acquired during the course can be used in different paths beyond to those related to the degree.

3 - Flexibility - Schedules in the hospitality industry can vary, but for some positions the employees may be expected to work in shifts. On the other hand, the Hospitality Industry is really embracing flexible working, which can have a positive impact on labor productivity and service quality.

4 - Great atmosphere - The Hospitality Industry is vibrant. Most of the people who work in the hospitality sector are really passionate about their job. They are people-driven and have excellent interpersonal skills.

5 - Great perks - It depends on the company, but the Hospitality Industry is well known for good compensations to the employees.

6 -  Easy entry and advancement - For a graduate in Hospitality & Hotel Management it is easier to get a career in a challenging position which would not be open to someone with little experience.

7 - Endless opportunities - No matter where you are in the world, there is always a place in the industry for you.  During a Bachelor Degree at B.H.M.S. the students can complete 3 internships in different countries.

8 - It’s Global - With a career in the Hospitality Industry you can move across the globe. The processes of applying for work permits, internships and jobs are much easier than in other industries. Besides, you will be working in a multicultural environment.

9 - It’s a creative industry - There is always room for innovation in the Hospitality and related industries.

10 - You make people’s day - Hospitality is all about networking and meeting new people everyday. You will learn how to deal with different people and handle complaints.

What’s your favorite part about a career in the Hospitality Industry?












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