Living abroad is a lifetime experience. It exposes you to different circumstances, opening your eyes to a new perspective on life. It may be challenging at times, but there's no doubt it will shape you as a person. But don't worry; these times will also be full of rewarding memories. See below some of the greatest benefits of living overseas:


1 – Your second home

Moving to a new country changes the way you view home.You can take a look at everything from the outside, and see things quite differently.

Your family and friends will be excited to know about your new lifestyle and you can use your holidays to visit them.


2- Having a multicultural friend group

Forming friendships with students from different countries and cultures is one of the greatest benefits of living abroad.

Studies suggest that students with diverse friendships are more open-minded and appreciate an international lifestyle

It is also well-known that multicultural attitudes and experiences are essential for those who want to work in the travel & tourism industry.




3- Increasing your travel possibilities

Travelling is something that is definitely on the bucket list of international students, right?

Studying at B.H.M.S. and living in the center of Europe makes gaining new travel experience easier! You can travel domestically and internationally, with the benefit of having a diverse group of friends to travel with.

 B.H.M.S. students on a trip to the Europa Park in Germany


4 – Vibrant student life

Moving abroad is even more exciting when you’re doing it for studies! It gives you the advantage of easily making new friends by meeting them in the classroom daily. Together, you all will be part of the B.H.M.S. community.

Not to mention the memorable times you will spend with your peers, travelling and exploring a new country.

Here at B.H.M.S., our students have many possibilities to explore Switzerland during the different excursions and activities we organize!




5- Going native

Living in another country gives you the chance to become part of a new community. Of course you can always learn a new language by yourself. The chance to practice it with locals, however, is a unique experience.

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart". Nelson Mandela

At B.H.M.S. you will speak and practice your English every day! Also, you will have the opportunity of learning one of the 4 languages officially spoken in Switzerland.