Atharva College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology in India and B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School in Switzerland have begun an academic collaboration which was signed by the president of B.H.M.S. Mr. Heinrich Meister and the Executive President of the Atharva Group of Institutes  Mr. Sunil Rane.

Acknowledging the importance of possessing an excellence in education and degree programs by its hospitality management students, Atharva college and B.H.M.S. Switzerland, has jointly pledged for this association.


The student community will be greatly benefited from this association as they will now be able to pursue not only higher education in the form of specialized courses and not only in hospitality management through Indian and Foreign University, but also secure respectable jobs in the top niche hospitality industry/sector. There is constant endeavor to improve academic administration and curriculum up gradation through involvement of faculty from both institutions.

The Executive President of Atharva Group of Institute Mr. Sunil Rane said: “We are very happy by joining hands with such this renowned Swiss educational organisation. Whenever we talk about hospitality management, the 1st country which comes in mind is Switzerland. This country is more known for its perfection, quality work and dedication. Keeping this in mind, we are joining hands with the B.H.M.S. Switzerland and bringing them in our country to make India and Switzerland as one of the top line countries in the world in the line of study perfection”.


The knot between the two esteemed educational groups is consenting into the association to develop collaborative approach towards each other for the overall academic development and this association aims to promote international academic cooperation and the exchange of teaching and research experiences between B.H.M.S. and the Atharva College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology. 

At the memorandum of understanding which took place at the Atharva Campus,  the Executive President of Atharva Group of Institutes, Mr. Shri Sunil Rane and Mr. Heinrich Meister, President of the B.H.M.S. were present. Furthermore, the signing ceremony was witnessed by senior officials,  the international academic dean of B.H.M.S. Dr. Anthony Erb , the B.H.M.S.  international manager Mr. Giovanni Rebai, Mr. Hem Chand Verma, Ms. Jia Sawardekar and Mr. Suyog Patkar.


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