Mr Shaun Leonard is the Culinary program leader in the Culinary Academy of B.H.M.S.!

He is also the team manager for the last 9 years of the Cercle des Chefs de Cuisine Luzern (CCCL), which is an association of chefs and representatives of Gastro-suppliers from Switzerland.

Over these years his team competed at a regional team competition level and achieved 9 Gold medals and 2 Silver from 11 competitions!




Chef Leonard and his team took part for 2nd time at the Erfurt Inoga Culinary Olympics Competition, one of the most stringent culinary competitions held every 4 years.

The CCCLuzern team was placed in the 12th place from the 51 teams who participated and won 2 silver medals! This was a truly fantastic achievement!




We wish Chef Leonard and his team many more culinary distinctions in future!





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