When you decide to become a student at B.H.M.S., you will start a lifetime experience which includes living abroad and meeting people from all around the world!

Our students come from more than 90 different countries and are taught by lecturers of 22 nationalities. The MBA program also hosts esteemed, visiting lecturers who teach the program worldwide. This variety of international networks and interests creates a diverse learning community where students from every cultural background can find inspiration.







Find below 5 benefits of studying in an International Multicultural School like B.H.M.S.:

1.       Personal growth: studying in an international multicultural environment is the key to develop the essential characteristics to build tomorrow’s global citizens and leaders, such as speak at least one foreign language, empathy, and the appreciation of cultural diversity.

2.       Cultural awareness: The understanding of cultural differences, cultural awareness and sensitivity are crucial in the Hospitality Industry formed by companies in global expansion. People with cultural-awareness will be more successful to adapt to a new department or to work with a cross-functional team.

3.       Develop and improve leadership skills: Working in Hospitality means working in a diverse workplace with employees from different backgrounds which allows them to think in different ways when facing a problem, having varying ideas and viewpoints. This leads to a better work performance. If you manage others in a multicultural team, your leadership skills will be strengthened, as you will learn how to deal with different behaviors.

4.       Advance your career: Global companies are always looking for candidates with high cultural intelligence, and those who have lived and studied abroad have an edge in the competition.

5.     Broaden your view of the world: Multiculturalism is everywhere. Being exposed to different ideologies, practices and cultures can help you become more prepared to understand and deal with any situation in life.







 At B.H.M.S., the staff and students embrace their cultural backgrounds. B.H.M.S. is proud of its multinational faculty who have studied or worked across many countries. This brings an additional international dimension to the subjects taught in global hospitality and business education.

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We hope you choose B.H.M.S. to start or advance your studies and become a global leader!                                                          





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