B.H.M.S. has signed a collaboration agreement with Centara Hotels & Resort Group at the end of April 2016. 

As a result of this collaboration,  full-time positions will be offered to B.H.M.S. graduates in all Centara owned and managed properties, as well as in their convention centers!

Centara Hotels & Resorts is a leading hotel group in Thailand and owns six hotel brands covering a broad spectrum of the travel market in the country and employs over 9000 staff.

B.H.M.S. students will also be entitled to apply for their internship positions, gain work experience and commence their career in the hospitality industry at one of the 5 star properties of the Centara Hotels & Resort Group.

Centara group has selected 9 of their employees to undertake the Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management at B.H.M.S., accredited by RGU,  including the 4 months internship in Switzerland. 

They were selected out of 100 eligible staff, and will be placed in middle management positions within one of the Centara's properties.

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