Last Friday,we celebrated the official opening of the “B.H.M.S. City Campus”, a new Student Residence, and the “City Campus Café”, a brand new restaurant with a state-of-the-art kitchen.

The building has undergone a huge renovation during the last months, and it will benefit the students by providing  accommodation and restaurant services in the city center of Lucerne.


According to Mr Meister, the president of the Benedict Education Group, which B.H.M.S. is part of,  the new building reflects the major growth of B.H.M.S. in the last few years:

“We are constantly looking for better locations to provide our students with the best conditions for development.”

On that evening, all the students were welcomed to a dinner at the City Campus Café which is now the main restaurant for the students at B.H.M.S. During the week Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are served and Brunch and Dinner on the weekends.



The Lobby and Front Desk  have also been refurbished to provide the students with a better service.

One of the greatest advantages of this new Student Residence is its prime location in the centre of Lucerne. The “City Campus” is exactly  in front of the main sights of the city - the old City Walls, the Reuss River and the boutique hotel Château Gütsch. The Kappelbrücke, shops, restaurants, sport and leisure facilities are also located within a short walking distance.

The expansion of the B.H.M.S.’ facilities is part of our commitment to the academic quality.

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