On July 15th B.H.M.S. graduates traveled to Scotland with their families from Thailand, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Kenya for a very special day: The Graduation Day!

The excitement was great in anticipation of receiving their long-awaited Degrees!


 All 32 students, wearing their graduation gowns, attended the ceremony in “His Majesty's Theatre”.

Everybody was very emotional but also happy, waiting for the moment they would hear their name being called out and to get up on stage in order to receive the Diploma and personal congratulations from the University’s Dean.

Our students worked hard for this moment, studying intensively and gaining practical experience in their industry training. 


 After the ceremony, holding Diplomas and flowers in their hands, graduates enjoyed a fun photo session in the green and beautiful 'Sunken Garden' with their families and friends.

Everyone looked so proud and pleased! 


 A special cocktail party was held afterwards in the “Park Inn Hotel” for all the attendants of the graduation ceremony. Despite a rainy day, all of them had a wonderful time!

We know the path was not easy, but we believe our graduates created valuable memories which they will remember forever. B.H.M.S. wishes good luck to all the graduates and lots of opportunities for their future careers!