Today we celebrated the opening of our fifth campus in the city of Lucerne!

In addition to LFC, SKQ, SentiPark and Baselstr. 57 we have a new campus –Gibraltarstrasse 34.

The new campus is beautifully equipped with large flat screens in each room for optimal visual/sound to support multi-media learning.

It has 6 classrooms named after famous Swiss:

Pestalozzi: Pedagogue and educational reformer who exemplified Romanticism in his approach;

Cailler: First Swiss producer of chocolate, founder of the Cailler chocolate company;

Chevrolet: Swiss race car driver and automotive engineer Louis Chevrolet co-founded the Chevrolet;

Spyri: Author of novels and children's stories, and best known for her book Heidi;

Tell: The folk hero of Switzerland who shot an apple from his son’s head!

Piccard: Oceanographer and engineer, known for having developed underwater vehicles for studying ocean currents; 

The new campus has a capacity of approx. 85 students with a beautiful large student lounge area next to the office of the MBA Program Manager.

Currently it is hosting the MBA classes, English Foundation Program classes, Language classes and management courses.