''All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them'' - Walt Disney

The B.H.M.S. students always pursue their dreams and they finally reach their goal which is to graduate and obtain a successful career! 

The B.H.M.S. Summer Graduation Ceremony 2017 took place a few days ago in the iconic location of the Culture and Convention Center in Lucerne City (KKL Luzern).

Our graduates were more than excited for their accomplishments and their hard work which paid off as they received their Master degrees, Graduate Certificates, PG diplomas, Bachelor degrees and MBA degrees.

This was also a special occasion because families and friends of our students travelled from all over the world to celebrate their achievements, while they had the opportunity to watch the inspiring ceremony followed by a cocktail party.

We would like to warmly congratulate our graduates for their achievements and wish them all the best for the beginning of a successful career journey!