The Swiss Arctic Project 2018 is a mission to evaluate one of our planet’s biggest crisis which is the global warming. The Swiss expedition ship "MV San Gottardo" will leave Norway for the Arctic. On board will be a group of youngsters and young adults, who must qualify through a competition for this expedition. During the expedition they will develop the "Students Climate Report 2018". They will identify all the facts on the subject and conduct interviews with those affected, with local researchers and with politicians.


The central part of this project is that the participants allow their circle of acquaintances to share their insights and experiences via Facebook, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram. During the expedition, a documentary will be produced, in which the participants will actively participate and document the project.

Ray William Kumaat, a student from Indonesia, currently pursuing his dream by studying Culinary Arts at B.H.M.S., wants to be part of the Swiss Arctic Project, in order to be able to share the true story about what is happening in the arctic and what people have to do about it.

‘Being a cook makes me consider this project even more important’ says Ray and continues: ‘I believe, the culinary industry contributes a lot in what makes our planet suffer. People know that the food industries depend on nature and yet they don't really pay attention to it.
As a cook, I always try to waste as less as possible. What is important for me is to make people aware that we are living on a planet that needs help. There's a lot of things that people have to be aware of but right now to save our planet means to save humanity, sustaining the environment and provide a better future for the next generation.


I have seen some extremely real changes in the tropical area of this planet and to have the opportunity to see how it goes in the arctic would mean a lot to me.
I’m looking forward to join the team and give my best for the sake of the project’s success.’


B.H.M.S. supports its students and we hope Ray gets the desired 'ticket' for an once-in-a-lifetime experience!  The voting session is open until the end of February and we can vote for Ray once every 24 hours.

Let’s all support Ray by voting for his participation in this project daily until February 28th!


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Swiss Arctic Project

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