Our new students were warmly welcomed at one of the biggest B.H.M.S. intakes which took place at the end of last week!

During the orientation day, students were pleased to meet their classmates and the teaching staff and they became familiar with the campus services offered by B.H.M.S. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to receive a lot of information about the school policies, general rules and the student life at B.H.M.S.

Everybody was excited during the campuses visits, they got familiar with the study locations, the B.H.M.S. facilities and they enjoyed discovering the city of Lucerne.       


Leo, one of our new students, shared with us his opinion about his exciting first day at

‘It was an unforgettable day! It was the first time in my life that I was in a room with more than 10 nationalities.

The school held an orientation day at the beginning of the intake to brief us through B.H.M.S. life in Switzerland. We were being introduced in an online learning platform, the E-campus, which was something new for me as I have never encountered such an experience back home!

In my opinion, the student services were a bit overloaded because of the big number of new students in this intake but the school’s staff tend to put their heart in helping you when a problem occurred.

The teaching staff was certainly well motivated as they showed much enthusiasm while talking with the students and sharing useful information about the study programs.

I appreciate the fact that the school’s staff took their time to explain us what should happen and what should not happen during the internship period and this showed how much the school cares for its students.

I was fascinated by the glamorous campuses B.H.M.S. has. The campuses are not standard, as they are spread out throughout the city of Lucerne!’


B.H.M.S. wants to thank Leo for sharing his valuable experience with us!




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