During October, B.H.M.S. is receiving visits from many important American companies interested in recruiting students from B.H.M.S.

As a school commited to the professional development of our students, we arranged during this month many events with American Tourism companies interested in recruiting B.H.M.S. students for internships, trainee programs or even placements in the USA.

One example is White Lodging, the fastest-growing hotel ownership, development, and management company in America. The White Lodging representatives introduced the company to the B.H.M.S. students and after the presentation they had interviewed students who are interested in opportunities abroad in one of the luxury brands hotels they work with.



The company  International Trainee Network also visited B.H.M.S. Ms. Charlotte Guyot  presented to BHMS students the possibility of having an American hospitality experience. ITN is a US Recruitment Company based in Los Angeles, California, allowing students to choose luxury hotels all over the United States for their Industry Training, part of the studies at B.H.M.S.

She presented the company and the different possibilities and benefits of working in the US and the J-1 visa procedure. After the presentation the students interested in gaining international experience had a personal interview.



The Marriott Asia Pacific and Marriott USA were also present at B.H.M.S. to interview students interested in joining the VOYAGER Management Trainee Program in one of the Marriotts's leading hotels around the USA or in the Asia Pacific.



Until the end of the month many other companies will visit B.H.M.S. and present their career opportunities to our students.

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