On June 20th, B.H.M.S. celebrated a new class of graduates at the Schweizerhof , a traditional 5-star hotel located right in the Old Town of Lucerne, with a ceremony gathering 80 students from different nationalities. Their families and friends were also present to celebrate this special event which marks the transition from the study time to the professional world.


Mr.Beat Wicki, Director of B.H.M.S., presided over the ceremony followed by the welcome speech of Mr.Meister, President of the Bénedict Education Group.The ceremony also featured speeches from our International Dean, Dr. Anthony Erb, Dr. Neil Connon from the Robert Gordon University and Dr.David Griffin from the City University of Seattle.

The B.H.M.S. Class of May 2018 was presented by Mrs.Heather Robinson, our Academic Dean, and the graduate student Ms.Zainab Alhashimi delivered a great and motivational speech on behalf of all the graduands.


Soon after that, the students walked the stage to receive their Diplomas full of excitement and joy. At this moment the graduands became graduates and they shared their emotion with their guest and colleagues.




Before the special awards, there was a musical interlude which everyone enjoyed as it was dedicated to all the attendants.

Finally, to complete the celebration, the B.H.M.S. staff, students, families and friends gathered for a President’s Aperitif.



It was indeed a great and unforgettable day, and we want to congratulate all and wish them further success in personal and professional level.

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