Last summer, B.H.M.S. upgraded its culinary facilities by adding a state-of-the-art training kitchen to the existing production kitchen. In this stress-free environment, culinary students have the chance to acquire and practice core culinary skills and competencies before applying them to a real food production kitchen environment.
This term’s main topic for the culinary classes is the Mediterranean Cuisine. The class were designed to help students appreciate the Mediterranean cuisine, and to explore the spices, cooking techniques, ingredients, and preparation of foods from this area.
Unlike many other ethnic cuisines, Mediterranean cuisine is not the product of a specific ethnic group or culture but it is very much the product of cultural influence and exchange.
For this reason, the B.H.M.S. students learn how to prepare a variety of dishes from many countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain, using main ingredients such as fresh herbs and spices, olive oil, beans, whole grains etc.
During their studies, students discover how the Mediterranean cuisine has such a big influence on the society and how it can bring great advantages to people’s lives by contributing to their health and well-being.