New students from around the world arrived at B.H.M.S. last week!
For us at B.H.M.S., a new intake, where new students arrive to start their study journey, is always special!
The new students arrived together with the snow which covers the beautiful and charming city of Lucerne! For most of them, studying and living abroad is a totally new experience, and we are happy being part of it!



On Friday morning, as usual, the students received important information about the academic rules and regulations and were formally introduced to the Programs’ Manager, the Dean, and the Campus Director.



Afterwards, to make the students feel more comfortable and relaxed, they had the opportunity to meet further their peers during a city tour in Lucerne, which included a visit to two of the most famous landmarks in the city: the Chapel Bridge and the Lion monument!


At night, a special dinner was prepared by our Culinary Staff to welcome all the new students! A Seafood buffet and a mesmerizing chocolate fountain were also part of the show.


On Monday January 9th, is the first day of classes for all the students at B.H.M.S. and officially the first step towards a successful career!
We would like to wish all the best of luck and dedication! Make the most of it and enjoy your experience at B.H.M.S.!
You can read here in detail all the steps the new students should take, from the time they arrive in Switzerland, at the Zurich Airport,  until the first day of classes!





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