Field trips are an important component of the study programs at B.H.M.S. They enrich the overall learning experience and broaden the knowledge acquired during the academic lessons.

Using the experiential approach as a teaching method, the B.H.M.S. lecturers organize industry related excursions frequently.These activities are immersion experiences where the students can learn about companies related to the diverse aspects of the Hospitality Industry.

Below, you can see some examples of these field trips offered in our different Study Programs:

Visit to the Google Office Zurich

The Google office in Zurich is the largest Google development centre outside of the U.S!

Our luck MBA students had the chance to get a private tour to the Google spaces as part of the course's module "Global Business Communication and Research" with Ms. Schädler Wurster.



Visit to the 5-star Hotel Grand Palace Lucerne

As part of the Summer Program the students explored the difference between the hotel suites; conference rooms, swimming pool, restaurants, and the housekeeping area in the luxurious Grand Hotel National Luzern.



Academic excursion to the Black Forest in Germany – White-Asparagus fields and to the Schladerer distillery

The Culinary students had an academic excursion to the Black Forest in Germany, where they could visit the White - Asparagus fields.

Asparagus are called by the Germans as 'vegetable of kings! They really appreciate the spring vegetable which has a really short growing season.

The students also went on a tour to Schladerer distillery, a family-owned company since 1844.

To end the tour they had lunch in a local restaurant and tasted the local cuisine.




Visit to the Omega Museum - oldest watch museum dedicated to the history of a single brand

The students from the M.S.c in International Hospitality had the opportunity to visit the Omega Museum, the oldest watch museum dedicated to the history of a single brand.

Students were able to discover many examples of innovation and craftsmanship, understand the link between branding and heritage, luxury and quality, scarcity and symbolism; as well artwork and advertising - all of which represent key learning points of the specialized Seminar in Branding, Marketing, and Customer Service Management in Luxury Sector.





Visit to the civil court office in Lucerne 


The MBA students visited the civil court offices in Lucerne and learned about the principles of the legal system in Switzerland and International Law.

The visit was guided by Ms. Marija Bucher, our MBA instructor, and it was an opportunity for the students to see real examples of what they have learned in the course Law for Global Business, part of our MBA programs in Hospitality Management and Global Management.





Visit to SUVA - Swiss insurance company 

The MBA students attended a tour to the head quarter of SUVA, one of the largest Swiss insurance companies.

They learned some aspects of how SUVA deals with marketing and financial issues as well as with the risk management or prevention of accidents.

The students had the opportunity to transfer their knowledge gained in the MBA course 511 Law for Global Business into a real life example and experience..



Visit to the Park Hotel Vitznau and Bally Shoes Museum 

The students of the MSc in International Hospitality Business Management participated in a Specialist Seminar focused in Luxury Brands and Services Management.

During this 3-day seminar, they were introduced to the Luxury sector and participated in two field trips to the Park Hotel Vitznau, one of the 41 Swiss Deluxe Hotels, and to the Bally Shoe Museum, one of the three best shoes museums in the world.




Visit to the SC Bern Ice-Hockey Stadium 

The MSc students visited the SC Bern Ice-Hockey Stadium as part of their International Hospitality Business Management Seminar: Sport & Event Marketing and Management. The PostFinance Arena Stadium is one of the largest ice hockey stadiums in Europe.  


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