An internship is the greatest way to integrate knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional environment.

Completing an internship during your studies, either in a graduate or a postgraduate course helps you to be a competitive candidate in the job market.

One of the advantages of studying at B.H.M.S. is that every 6 months you can complete a paid internship training. This internship program is an integral part of the studies at B.H.M.S. offered only to our students.




Read below more benefits of completing an internship during your studies:




    Make Professional Connections and Expand your Network

The internship is a great opportunity to build and leverage your business network which is going to be useful for job prospects afterwards.

For those who wish a career in an international level, the internship abroad is of great value, since you will create a global network.

Hands-on Experience and Skill Development

Through the internship training you will be able to develop your transferable skills such as: Customer Service, Cultural Awareness, Sales and more.

Furthermore, you will improve your multitasking skills and build social relationships

Life Experience

An internship is incredibly worthwhile for your career and also for your personal life. You will get out of your comfort zone and build lifelong relationships while experiencing the transition from the classroom to the working world.




Exposure to different Job Opportunities

Internship experiences provide a new perspective of career paths, which can be useful to determine the particular fields you are more interested in. You will have the experience to make choices

Get paid during the internship period

In Switzerland, every student completing an internship receives a minimum gross monthly salary of CHF 2'168.

It is an opportunity of receiving back a part of the study fees investment.

Increase self-confidence

After the completion of an internship you will feel more confident  and mature towards work and life responsibilities.

Also you will learn how to be resilient and you will have plenty of opportunities to become a truly team player.

It gives your Resume an Edge

Currently, the job market is highly competitive, and those who have an internship experience on their Resume stand out!

The internship is the best way to learn more about your field or industry, and relevant work experience is essential to conclude the course successfully and pursue great opportunities in your career.


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