On June 23rd, an Information Session about B.H.M.S. and the Hospitality Industry was successfully held at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul.

Two hundred and forty people attended this event. They were students from Secondary School, years 11 and 12, and their parents, international program teachers, principals from over 15 sister schools (top foreign language high-schools & top tourism management high-schools), B.H.M.S. business partners, supportive agents, and the applicants for the upcoming intakes.



The Event’s Program was varied and included lectures about the difference between jobs and career jobs, and the organizational structure of a hotel and hotel jobs, both given by Dr.Erb, B.H.M.S. International Dean.

The guests could also join a hotel tour through the various departments guided by the Grand Hilton Managers, and they participated of a Skype session with Korean Students at B.H.M.S. and Mr. Simon Wellfare, our Head of Career & Internship Services.


We are happy to have received many positive feedbacks about this event which delivered great information about a career in the hotel and hospitality industry.

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