Studying at B.H.M.S. is an investment for your future! During this experience, you will be provided with an education that combines academics with professional development and real-life work experience. The successful outcome for our graduate students is an international career placement!

B.H.M.S. has its own placement company named ''Masterwork'' which assists all graduates obtain their first international career position. B.H.M.S. also works with numerous international placement agencies that specialize in placing graduate students in Europe, Asia, and North America. This service includes telephone/video interviews and resume preparation, job prospecting, International Job Placement extensive documentation preparation for employment as well as assistance with visa applications. Also B.H.M.S. participates in numerous career fairs in order to expose its graduates to global career opportunities.

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Our Study Programs:

Global Business Management

Bachelor Degree in Global Management

MBA Degree in Global Business Management

Hotel and Hospitality Management

Diploma in Hospitality Management

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Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management

MBA Degree in Hospitality Management

M.Sc Degree in International Hospitality Business Management

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Culinary Arts

Diploma Culinary Arts

Advanced Diploma Culinary Arts

Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts

Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts