Our new intake was special because many students chose to start their studies on November despite the chilly autumn temperatures in Switzerland.

As soon as the new students arrived at Zurich airport their study journey had just started and everybody was excited to experience their new life in Switzerland!

As always, the orientation day was held on Friday and our new students had so many things to learn about the school's facilities, the rules and regulations, meet the staff and get to know better their peers and future friends.


But since Switzerland is now their new home, and more specifically the city of Lucerne, they had the opportunity to take a long walk and discover some of the beauties and main attractions of this town.


At the end of this long but very interesting day, a welcome dinner expected all the new students at the B.H.M.S. restaurant! Everybody enjoyed the culinary delicacies that our talented culinary team prepared especially for them!


A busy day came to its end but the study journey just started! We wish all good luck and great performances during the academic year!

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