This week, the students of the MSc in International Hospitality Business Management are participating in a Specialist Seminar focused in Sports and Events Marketing.

It’s a 3-day seminar which covers the following topics:

  • Global sponsorship and project management.
  • The complexity of sport events such as the Olympic Games, World Soccer Championships, Cricket, Tennis, Golf and more examples.
  • Sponsorship-platforms for partners (including hotels, logistics, catering, entertainment). 
  • Additional aspects of security, HR, personal resources management, leadership, communication and PR, including digital media, quality management, ethics, legal issues of global events, sustainability (green events). 












The MSc students also visited the SC Bern Ice-Hockey Stadium as part of their International Hospitality Business Management Seminar: Sport & Event Marketing and Management. The PostFinance Arena Stadium is one of the largest ice hockey stadiums in Europe.  



Mr. Sven Rindlisbacher, the Managing Director of the Sport Gastro guided the students through the different hospitality areas of the Stadium, explained about the facility, cost and revenue management and answered the students' questions.

The MSc in International Hospitality Business Management develops students’ theoretical and operational knowledge of current themes and developments in the global hospitality sector. This will allow graduates to either initiate or enhance a career in the international hospitality industry.

Other possibilities of themed seminar offered to the MSc students are :


  • The Spa and Welness Sector
  • Luxury Brands and Services Management


Read more about the course and its requirements here.


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