Do you consider studying in the areas of Hospitality or Global Business abroad?
The B.H.M.S. Summer Program in Switzerland can help you decide whether a career in these areas is what you really want to follow.

During these two weeks, you will be introduced to different areas of the hospitality industry and you will experience what it is like living abroad with people from all around the world!


Switzerland has a worldwide reputation as the birthplace of hospitality, and it is one of the best destinations in the world for those who want to study tourism or hotel management.

B.H.M.S. is one of the leading hospitality schools in the country that provides undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in the fields of Hotel and Business Management, Culinary Arts and Masters in Hospitality and Global Management.


We offer a practical and dynamic program which includes seminars, lessons and outdoor activities in order for the students to enjoy Switzerland during summer time and get the most out of this amazing experience!

The Summer Program is a mix of fun and personal development and you will have the opportunity to learn more about yourself, recognize your strengths and how to eliminate your weaknesses. As an example, you will learn and practice the soft skills which are necessary for a successful career.


There will be no shortage of opportunities to have fun! Many types of excursions such as trips to the Alps, boat picnics and even a visit at the B.H.M.S. vineyard, are part of the fun activities included in the program.


Join this multicultural experience and enrich yourself this Summer!

If you are interested in applying for the Summer Program, please fill out the Application Form and contact us for more information.


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Our Study Programs:  

Culinary Arts

Diploma Culinary Arts

Higher Diploma Culinary Arts

Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts

Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts

Hotel and Hospitality Management

Diploma in Hospitality Management                    |     MBA Degree in Hospitality Management

Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management     |     M.Sc Degree in International Hospitality Business Management

Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management   |     Postgraduate Diploma Hospitality Management

Global Business Management

Bachelor Degree in Global Management

MBA Degree in Global Business Management

Executive Diploma Programs

Entrepreneurship  & Innovation         |          The General Manager

Digital Leadership & Marketing           |          The Restaurant Manager

Strategic Finance & Controlling          |          Bakery & Pastry

Sport & Events Management               |          Hotel Real Estate Investments