Some of our talented and creative Culinary Students participated in the Mont Vert Recipe Competition 2016, which happened last month, and they were the winners! They took first, second, third and fourth places!


Mont Vert is a Swiss company which develops fine food products made with natural ingredients, at an affordable rate.  Some of their products are Fruit Pulp Vinegars and Infused Olive Oil.



 The competition was a great opportunity for the contestants to put their creativity and skills to test. Each student had to create a unique dish and use some products from Mont Vert Fine Food as special ingredients. They cooked and presented the dishes using Food Plating techniques to make them attractive. The favourite recipes were chosen by voting on the Instagram and Facebook channels of the brand. 



 All the hard work paid off!  Besides the prestige and recognition, the students won prizes worth up to CHF 1750 from Mont Vert.


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