Every year the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) releases its Economic Impact Reports, which display the contribution of Travel & Tourism to a country's economy. 
The updated report launched this year provides a view of the development of the tourism industry over the past 5 years which has been impacting directly on the job sector. There are some interesting facts and results presented, such as the addition of 7.2 million jobs to the global economy, supporting over 284 million jobs worldwide.

The numbers in the infographic below will give you an idea about the career opportunities offered by the Tourism and Hospitality industry worldwide. B.H.M.S. is the right place to start yours studies in this attractive area which offers a wide range of possibilities to a successful career!


The following list indicates the 10 countries that have been growing  over the period of 2010–2015 when it comes to Travel & Tourism income:


Below you can see the countries which have started traveling more abroad over the last five years:


For the full Economic Impact Reports 2016, please visit the page of World Travel & Tourism Council.

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