When looking for the perfect candidate, employers at the Hospitality Industry require specific skills and competencies that are a must-have in this area. And it’s not just the employers who expect these qualities but also the customers.

During the graduate course in Hospitality Management as well as during the Industry Training, a period when you work to gather experience and you get paid at the same time, students can apply their knowledge acquired in the academic lessons into practice, and by doing so they can build great Hospitality Management skills.

Take a look at these main five skills necessary to work in the Hospitality Industry:


1 – Customer-oriented – Staff in the Hospitality Industry must be focused on helping the customers to guarantee they will have a pleasant experience.

Customer’s wants and needs are the first priority. To be always patient and open to listen what the customer has to say, creates a good impression, essential in the Hospitality Industry.


2- Ability to deal with conflicts and solve them – Problems will inevitably arise, but how you react to them is important.  Employers are interested in people who are committed to resolve problems and have creativity to find solutions for different kinds of conflicts.


3 – Cultural awareness – To work in the Hospitality Industry is important to understand the different cultures and behaviors, since it is an area where you will interact with people from all around the world.

You will have to have the ability to recognize the different beliefs, values and customs that someone has based on that person’s origins.

Keep an open mind and respect different cultures and habits!


4 - Language skills - To exceed customers’ expectations, it is important to establish a great communication with them. The ability to speak many languages plays an important role in that.


5 - Teamwork - In the Hospitality Industry is essential to work well in a team to provide a good service. Teamwork is basically the key to success! Motivated and encouraged employees work toward a common goal.

There are many other skills important for those who wish to work in the hospitality Industry, but if some of these skills are already part of your personality, you have an advantage among other candidates in the job search.


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