The B.H.M.S. students enjoy their time in Switzerland and keep visiting the most beautiful and interesting places within the country.   

The Sonnenberg (700 meters above sea level), is the “small” local mountain to the north of Kriens in Switzerland.




Due to its southern exposure, the Sonnenberg’s name, “Sun Mountain”, is certainly justified because of its fascinating, almost untouched nature, and the imposing panoramic view of the mountains, Lake Lucerne, Kriens and the greater Lucerne area.

Every time the B.H.M.S. students visit this place, they are involved in a diverse leisure program including watching the amazing views, walking in beautiful paths and have a picnic in the various picnic spots with barbeque pits!




Also, in Sonnenberg our students have the opportunity to visit the world’s largest civilian bunker!
This giant bunker was built between 1970 and 1976 at a cost of 40 million Swiss francs!

If it ever had been needed, two motorway tunnels would have been sealed by four 350-ton gates, with room enough for 20’000 beds and hundreds of toilet cabins - in fact one third of the population of Lucerne would have found shelter inside Mount Sonnenberg. 




In addition to the two tunnels, the bunker was equipped with a seven-floor, subterranean building furnished with a control office, a radio studio, an emergency hospital, detention cells and more.

The tour provides a fascinating insight into Cold War times and the fear of the nuclear bomb and illustrates the uses of the bunker today.


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