You have decided to go to Switzerland and study at B.H.M.S. in order to start a new phase in your career and live a great experience.

Certainly, you are very excited about this journey and we look forward to welcoming you.

But if you have not decided to apply at B.H.M.S. yet, do you know the steps a student has to take until the beginning of the studies?

Here you can have a glimpse of everything that happens as soon as a student arrives in Switzerland until the first day in the classroom.

-- The process starts with the approval of your application.
-- You have received the Letter of Acceptance (L.O.A.) and your study visa.
-- You have booked the flight to Switzerland and here starts your route from home to B.H.M.S. in Switzerland:


Arrival & Transfer at Zurich Airport – Switzerland

You probably had a long flight and are anxious to arrive at our Campus. Don’t worry! As soon as you arrive at the Zurich airport and claim your baggage, on the arrival zone you will meet a representative of B.H.M.S who will be waiting for you and who will then drive you to our Campus in Lucerne. We offer this free transfer service to all the new students!



The distance between the Zurich Airport to B.H.M.S. center in Lucerne, where our campus is located in, takes approximately 50 minutes by car.


Get to Know the Campus, your Accommodation and your roommate

As soon as you arrive at the campus in Lucerne, you will be registered at the reception and a member of our team will welcome you and show you your accommodation, and you will be assisted to carry your luggage to your room.

You will also receive important information about the B.H.M.S. facilities and get to know the person you will share the room with!



Orientation Day

This is a very special and important day!
During the orientation day you will be informed about all the Academic rules and regulations, you will be introduced to the faculty and receive a warm welcome by the Programs’ Manager, the Dean and the Campus Director. You will also meet your new colleagues and have the first interaction with them during the lunch break at the campus restaurant.



City Tour in Lucerne

On the Orientation Day, in the afternoon, you will be invited to take part in a City Tour in Lucerne, one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, and your ‘home city’ during your studies at B.H.M.S.!

You will visit the main tourist attractions in town together with our staff and your new colleagues and you will have a first experience of the Swiss lifestyle!



Welcome Dinner

The Orientation Day ends with a warm Welcome Dinner for our newcomers and a nice treat for our continuing students, prepared by our Culinary Team! This is also a great opportunity for making good conversation and new friends.



Excursion to Pilatus Mountain – have fun and get to know the best of Switzerland

On the weekend after the orientation day, you will enjoy a pleasant excursion to one of Lucerne’s symbols, the Pilatus Mountain! 

The mountain offers a panoramic view of 73 Alpine peaks and a variety of activities such as hiking trails and a summer toboggan run.

This will be the first excursion you will join during your study time at B.H.M.S. and many more will follow!



First day of classes

This is the beginning of a journey to a successful career and a new chapter in your life and we are very happy that we can be part of it!



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