Why Luxury Brands are recruiting from Hospitality? 

Day after day companies are more concerned about providing a better service to their customers. Luxury Brands are increasing their sales numbers and growing around 14.3% per year (Deloitte's 2014 Luxury Goods Report). The focus on the customer service is contributing to increase the companies'  needs for recruiting trained graduates who can perfectly understand the expectations of demanding clients.

They are recruiting hospitality graduates!

Customers from new emerging markets such as Brazil, United Arab Emirates and China, are asking for personalized experiences. They want to feel the added value when they buy a luxury good and they want to feel special.  In this kind of industry, the personalization of the customer experience will contribute directly to the success of a brand. Clients feel unique because they expect the highest standard of service and they receive it.

At B.H.M.S., we provide our students the tools to develop their soft skills, interpersonal abilities and languages.

  • Soft Skills – B.H.M.S. students develop their capacities to work in teams, to be flexible, communicate effectively and to solve problems
  • Interpersonal Abilities – Good manners, social awareness and capacity of listening and questioning are some of the interpersonal abilities that students develop at B.H.M.S.
  • Languages – during their studies at B.H.M.S., students speak English and learn up to 3 languages


B.H.M.S. graduates learn how to provide the best experience to the client with extreme attention to detail, responsiveness to customer demands and ability to anticipate clients' needs. 

B.H.M.S. graduates are ready to work in the Luxury Industry!