Are you passionate about Food and the Culinary Industry?

Have you thought that you can turn this into a successful career?

The food service industry is growing rapidly, and Culinary professionals are in great demand.
Studying Culinary Arts is important since students acquire the necessary skills to start working in this challenging field.

Below you can see more reasons why a career in Culinary Arts is a good choice for the future:

  • Learn how to cook and make the dishes attractive

You can develop skills in food preparation and presentation. During the course, you join classes in which you learn the principles of food pairing (which ingredients match) and the art of food platting (presentation techniques).



  • Entrepreneurship – Become your own boss!

A degree in Culinary Arts provides the knowledge of restaurant management and business basics, especially useful for those who want to run their own culinary or catering business.

You can also use your knowledge to other professions related to food, such as Food Stylist.


  • Work in the world's finest dining establishments

If you want to become a chef, attending a culinary school is the beginning of your career. Education combined with experience is the best formula to acquire success!

You can boost your career as soon as you have developed your skills better, and you can have the opportunity to work in many top-level restaurants.


  • Try New Flavors

Explore regional and international cuisines and prepare a range of international popular dishes.





  • Travel the world

 This career can lead you in working abroad. With your knowledge, you can be specialized to work in establishments around the world.


  • Learn new languages and cultures

 Studying Culinary Arts abroad will expose you to new languages and cultures.

Food is one of the ways we experience and understand other cultures. You will also be able to express yourself differently in the kitchen, and it may inspire your creative side.



Why study Culinary Arts at B.H.M.S.?



The Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts at B.H.M.S. are accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (A.C.F.E.F.),
established  in  1929,  and  the  largest  professional  chefs'  organization  in  North  America. 

The Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts is awarded by R.G.U. - The Robert Gordon University, founded in 1881 in Aberdeen as a college, became today’s dynamic, modern University in 1992 and has an international reputation for providing high quality education to more than 13,000 students from Undergraduate to PhD level.

Paid Industry Training in Switzerland

Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience during the early stages of their career. This will prove invaluable when applying for their first supervisory or management position. Students will complete their training in a hotel or restaurant, according to their talent and they may be able to assume more responsibility in the third year of studies.


B.H.M.S. is located in the beautiful city of Lucerne, at the heart of Switzerland. The country has a great reputation as one of the best places to study Hospitality Management in the world.  Two of the neighboring countries are France and Italy and both have a great tradition in cooking. During the studies, these culinary traditions and skills are brought closer.

Read more about the Culinary Arts courses at B.H.M.S. here.