Do you consider studying in Switzerland? If you have a passion about the hospitality industry you most probably know that Switzerland is the worldwide leader in the Hospitality management education. 

Here is your chance to discover more about studying in Switzerland...

A look back into the history of the hotel schools in Switzerland

Switzerland’s reputation as ‘the home of hospitality studies’ started to develop in the late 18th century. At that time, Switzerland was a very popular country among royal and rich tourists who chose this country to enjoy the stunning Alpine scenery, the crystal clear lakes and the pure mountain air. The country was considered as a must-see destination for the new European travelers who crossed Europe to experience its idyllic natural scenery. Due to the increasing number of tourists visiting Switzerland, hotels and big resorts were built in order to cover the needs of their special guests and there was a rapid increase of the educational programs offered in the hospitality area.

Hotel management studies in Switzerland

Nowadays in Switzerland more than 35 schools offer hospitality studies to students from all over the world. Hospitality courses usually take place in English, French, German or Italian and most of the schools give the chance to travel the world and provide work placements in top hotels, restaurants and hospitality venues. 

At B.H.M.S. - one of the very few schools officially recognized by the government as "Swiss Federal College of Higher Education" - all the courses take place in English and during the study period, students can improve their German, French or Italian language skills which will prove very helpful at their internship. Some of the programs may include courses like human resource management, business communication, sales & marketing and personal development. These courses help the students decide in which part of the industry they are most interested in.

Paid Internships

Internships are part and parcel of the hotel school curriculum in Switzerland. Students are expected to complete full time internships, usually in a hospitality business, which could take place in hospitality venues such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise lines, event agencies etc. Internships allow students to test the knowledge they’ve earned in class and the gained experience from the international working environment, as well as develop further their skills, what gives them a huge advantage for their first career step. At B.H.M.S. each academic year includes one semester of paid internship. 


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