B.H.M.S. Summer Graduation 2019

From our modest beginnings in 1998 to the present day, B.H.M.S., Business and Hotel Management School, affirmed life-changing Hospitality education, and every year the graduation ceremony is a remarkable event which students work so hard for a long time to be part of.

June 19th 2019, was a high point in the lives of the B.H.M.S. students and their families, as we were all very excited to honor and celebrate our graduates and the future that lies ahead with the Summer Commencement Ceremony.

The first ‘Class of 2019’ had the privilege to attend two grand commencement ceremonies at the Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre (KKL Luzern). The ceremonies for undergraduate and postgraduate students were the end of their study life’s chapter and the beginning of a new life in the professional world!

B.H.M.S. Summer Graduation 2019     B.H.M.S. Summer Graduation 2019     B.H.M.S. Lucerne - Summer Graduation 2019     Summer Graduation 2019 - B.H.M.S. Lucerne     B.H.M.S. Switzerland - Summer Graduation 2019     Summer Graduation 2019 - B.H.M.S. Switzerland     Summer Graduation 2019 - B.H.M.S.     B.H.M.S. Summer Graduation 2019     B.H.M.S. Lucerne Summer Graduation 2019

Students with their families and friends from countries such as Brazil, Hungary, Zimbabwe, United States, China, Thailand, Canada, Sri Lanka, Antigua, Serbia, Iran, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and more experienced unforgettable moments.
After each ceremony, all the attendees enjoyed a cocktail party at the KKL Lucerne along with the B.H.M.S. staff and their loved ones!

 B.H.M.S. Summer Graduation 2019     B.H.M.S. Switzerland Summer Graduation 2019     B.H.M.S. Summer Graduation 2019

We are very proud of our new graduates and we wish each one of you your life to become all that you want it to. Your dreams to stay big, your worries stay small and that you’ll never need to carry more than you can hold. The future is yours…

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Hotel and Hospitality Management

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Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management  |     Postgraduate Diploma Hospitality Management

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Culinary Arts

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