Corona (COVID-19) situation at B.H.M.S.

General Information

August 6th, 2020 – We are proud to announce that we still have no single case of Covid-19 at B.H.M.S. so far. We would like to express a big thank you to all of our staff and students as this is mainly due to all of them following the rules and regulations strictly.

The relaxation of restrictions in Switzerland went pretty well and daily life here is coming to a kind of normality under slightly changed circumstances. We are now preparing for the arrival of new students and many returning students. You do not have to be afraid of this as we are strictly following all guidelines and regulations. For those students arriving from countries or areas with a higher risk of infection we have organized a quarantine zone in City Campus to ensure we maintain a safe environment for all.

Still, we appeal to all our students to continue to adhere strictly to the guidelines in daily living: both in this term break and when we return to the classrooms. This is an essential act to protect yourself, your friends and staff of B.H.M.S.:

Washing your hands regularly is the best way to protect yourself. Wet your hands under
running water, soap your hands – if possible with liquid soap - rub your hands together until you get a lather, rinse your hands thoroughly with running water and dry them with a clean towel.

Keep your distance from other people (1.5 m). Please also respect this rule in the classrooms, the restaurants and the other facilities.
Please be informed that in public transportation wearing a mask is mandatory.

Stay at home of you have any symptoms of being ill (respiratory problems, a cough and high temperature). Don’t go out in public and avoid contact with other people. Contact Front Office at 041 248 70 00 – we will provide you with food, support and medical care if needed.

As soon as we receive new guidelines from the authorities, we will inform you accordingly.

Be assured that we will do everything possible to ensure the health and security of our students. Furthermore, we confirm that our health insurance covers all medical costs according to Swiss legal regulations also in case of a virus infection.

Information from Federal Office of Public Health FOPH

FOPH Coronavirus infoline
+41 58 463 00 00, daily 24 hours

Information about current situation in Switzerland  
FOPH Website "New coronavirus"

Hygiene rules
FOPH campaign "Protect yourself and others"