MBA with Specialisation

B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School, in partnership with York St. John University, offers an MBA degree aimed at empowering young professionals to enhance their managerial expertise through experiential learning methodologies.

Academic semester
Students embark on a comprehensive six-month study block, designed to deepen their understanding of fundamental business principles and refine their leadership skills. They have the option to choose from one of six specialisations shaping the framework of their Capstone Research Project in the second semester. Under the guidance of esteemed faculty members and enriched by real-world case studies, students gain invaluable insights to excel in managerial and executive roles.

Research semester
Following this phase, students undertake their Capstone Project, an independent research endeavour tailored to align with their career aspirations. They have the option to complete this project on campus, benefiting from tutorial support and industry visits.

The MBA programme at B.H.M.S. offers students the flexibility to complement their academic journey with real-world experience. They can choose to return to full-time positions during their second semester, applying their newfound expertise directly to
their current roles.

Optional internship
Alternatively, they can opt for a six-month internship in the hospitality business sector, either in Switzerland or globally, to further develop their skills and expand their
professional network, as they complete their Capstone Project

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in any discipline
  • Minimum two years of full-time work experience
  • IELTS 6.0 level or equivalent

Contemporary Specialisations

Alongside the core York St John MBA curriculum, students have the opportunity to choose one of six contemporary specialisations (40 hours) and base their Capstone Project around this subject area.

This leads to their B.H.M.S. MBA award with specialisation, adding a thematic emphasis to their study programme.

International Hospitality Entrepreneurship

This specialisation encourages entrepreneurship and innovation within the hospitality sector, empowering students to pioneer initiatives that enhance customer experiences (CX). Through an immersive, real-world approach, students gain invaluable knowledge and the skills required for success in an evolving global market.

AI and Digital Transformation

This module empowers students to streamline workflows and elevate customer experiences in the digital age. Through effective strategies, including enhancing online presence, adopting cutting-edge technology, optimising processes, and leveraging social media platforms, students learn how businesses can embrace innovation and AI to stay ahead of the digital curve.

Luxury Brand Management

Students explore strategies to enhance brand presence, cultivate exclusivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Emphasising brand positioning, heritage preservation, and crafting compelling narratives, students refine their skills to lead prestigious luxury brands to new levels of success, blending tradition with innovation to deliver excellence in brand management.

Innovative Start-Up Business Strategies

This specialisation module equips students with the skills needed to ideate, innovate, and implement successful business ventures. From conceptualising innovative ideas to executing business plans and pitching to investors, students explore the value creation process and societal impact of entrepreneurship.

Cybersecurity and Data Analytics

This specialisation delves into digital security, analysing technological, legal, ethical, and regulatory frameworks crucial for safeguarding digital assets and managing cyber threats effectively. Students also learn how to extract valuable insights from extensive datasets to make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

Digital Economy and Consumer Trends

Students examine the strategies and technologies driving online retail success and gain practical insights into leveraging consumer insights to optimise e-commerce platforms and marketing strategies. Additionally, students explore emerging trends such as mobile commerce, voice commerce, and AI-driven personalisation.

April  October

Tuition Operating Expense1 Application Fee Academic Expense Accom.2 Meals Living Expense Total CHF
Bachelor Degree Hospitality/Business or Culinary
BA Degree 1st Year 27'600 2'500* 500 30'600 3'900 2'000 5'900 36'500
BA Degree 2nd Year 28'600 2'500* 500 31'600 3'900 2'000 5'900 37'500
BA Degree 3rd Year 29'600 2'500* 500 32'600 3'900 2'000 5'900 38'500
M.Sc. Dual Degree
M.Sc. Degree 29'600 2'500 500 32'600 3'900 2'000 5'900 38'500
MBA with Specialisation
MBA Degree 32'600 2'500 500 35'600 3'900 2'000 5'900 41'500
M.Sc. + MBA
M.Sc. + MBA 43'400 3'250 500 47'150 5'850 3'000 8'850 56'000
Postgraduate Diploma Hospitality/Culinary
Postgraduate Diploma 28'600 2'500* 500 31'600 3'900 2'000 5'900 37'500
Graduate Certificate
Graduate Certificate 15'700 750 500 16'950 1'950 1'000 2'950 19'900
Pastry, Chocolate & Bakery
Pastry, Chocolate & Bakery 1st Year 27600 2'500* 500 30'600 3'900 2'000 5'900 36'500
Pastry, Chocolate & Bakery 2nd Year 28'600 2'500* 500 31'600 3'900 2'000 5'900 37'500
Short Courses (10 weeks)
Certificate Culinary Operations 14'700 750 500 15'900 1'950 1'000 2'950 18'900
Advanced Certificate Culinary Arts 14'700 750 500 15'900 1'950 1'000 2'950 18'900
Certificate Pastry, Chocolate & Bakery 14'700 750 500 15'900 1'950 1'000 2'950 18'900
Advanced Certificate Pastry, Chocolate & Bakery 14'700 750 500 15'900 1'950 1'000 2'950 18'900
Preparatory English
Preparatory English 5'200 750 5'950 1'950 1'000 2'950 8'900

From Swiss excellence to global success

Make your mark as a leader with this intensive one-year MBA programme, designed to propel your career to new heights.

  • 6 months of academic study
  • 6 months capstone research project with optional internship
  • 2 academic awards (from B.H.M.S. and York St. John University)

Customise your degree with one of six specialisations:

  • International Hospitality Entrepreneurship
  • AI and Digital Transformation
  • Digital Economy and Consumer Trends
  • Innovative Start-Up Business Strategies
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Cybersecurity and Data Analytics

MBA Top-Up - M.Sc. Advanced Standing

Students who have successfully completed the full 180 M.Sc. credits at B.H.M.S. (in International Hospitality Business Management or in Global Business Management pathways) may gain advanced standing in the York St. John MBA programme by transferring 120 credits (including the independent research project) and completing 3 core MBA modules over a 3-month period. This offer is exclusive to graduates of the M.Sc. programmes taught at B.H.M.S.