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Student Services

Student Services at BHMS aim to enrich the overall student experience.  Student services offer counseling, personal development, pastoral care, mediation, and a great variety of indoor and outdoor recreation.  Each of the activities offered caters to the students' active and competitive drive for group and individual sports, outdoor adventure, creativity, or artistic needs.  In doing so, BHMS strives to provide students with an assortment of festivities to balance students' academic life while relieving stress, promoting emotional and physical health, and encouraging communication and interaction among the various nationalities present.

The BHMS Student Services Director is present on campus five to six days per week to offer continuous support and counseling.  Activities from crafts and card games to cricket and mountain climbing are offered weekly.  Each student at BHMS is sure to take either a mountain trip or some other fun and healthy amusement with the Student Services Director.

Student activities are important to us. They allow our students to discover Switzerland and different companies in the hospitality industry in Switzerland, but they also include sports and fun. They are not only complementary to the academic studies, but they are also an opportunity for networking. They help creating a community in which it is fun to study. It is during the student activities that many new friendships are forged.

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BHMS students enjoyed a cycling day in the nature, next to the city of Luzern.

BHMS students went boxing. enjoying the thrill of the fight they trained, punched and sweated. No pain No gain!

As part of the students fan activities, BHMS students enjoyed the Swiss Arena in Luzern for the whole day.

BHMS is going sledding on the Rigi