Social Responsibility

At B.H.M.S, we are dedicated to making an impact on the social and economic well-being of our communities through our teaching and activities alongside our commitment to world-class, hands-on learning and student experience.

Through our education and the wide range of activities undertaken by our faculty, students, and alumni, we contribute to our communities and society as a whole, as we take our social responsibility seriously.

  • Food trends and health-conscious eating are addressed in the “Contemporary Food & Beverage” module in the first year of the Hospitality BA program.
  • Sustainable hotel design and environmentally friendly practices are a large focus of the “Contemporary Hospitality Service Management” and “Hospitality Facilities: Development and Management” modules in the final year of the Hospitality BA program.
  • Great emphasis is placed on nutritional sustainability and sustainable menu-planning in the first and second years of the Culinary Arts BA in the “Nutrition” and “Menu Planning” modules.
  • As part of their “Sustainable Development” module, M.Sc. students take a closer look at the environmental impact of tourism and the emergence of alternative types of tourism and ethical practices.
  • Four out of eight modules of the MBA program have strong social, cultural, and sustainable applications: “Dynamic Perspectives on Sustainable Business”, “Leading Innovation and Cultural Change”, “Business Development and Value Creation”, and “Global Business Strategy”.

At B.H.M.S., we have signed a commitment to become a Swisstainble establishment solidifying our commitment to sustainable business management and continuously developing B.H.M.S. towards sustainability. We want to equip our students with the skills and knowledge on how to best live sustainably, and run sustainable businesses, as sustainability becomes more and more of a selling point for companies.

But we aim to do more than simply foster knowledge; we want to provide students with the tools to be able to adequately address future challenges to sustainable living that will continue to arise.

Our students contribute to making the world more sustainable in a number of ways:

Being Swisstainable at B.H.M.S. means being able to use skills and experience to think outside the box, with an awareness of every facet of sustainability - from environmental to social.