Your career plan in the hospitality industry

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The hospitality industry is thriving and showing a double digit growth rate worldwide. Currently, it amounts more than $6 billion annually and accounts for 6,1% or 1/16th of the world's GNP if you include travel and tourism. Studies of the WTTC (World Travel Tourism Council 2022) base these figures on 174 countries and estimate that this industry sector generates 290 million jobs. It is estimated that by the year 2032, an additional 5.8% growth rate can be expected for the tourism sector overall, offering new and exciting opportunities.

Growth and increasing customer demand makes this industry flourish. Areas such as hotel management, resort management, cruise ship management, the airline industry, private clubs and resorts and many other hospitality sectors have an increased demand for highly qualified and skilled managers that offer them exceptional and multifaceted career opportunities. The tourism industry will offer you a chance to prove your organizational skills and social competencies. Young, communicative women and men, who have a natural talent for customer care, sales and foreign languages in social settings are highly sought after. They love to travel and understand the ideal environment and optimum requirements that international clientele demands. They want to achieve their private and professional goals and know that only a good, sound education and continued, broad-based specialized training will open the doors to a successful graduate career.

With B.H.M.S. and their educational partners, you will have the optimum conditions to acquire professional skills and practical experience, to develop and polish your personal profile. Thanks to our know-how and your competencies, you will be well prepared for the high demands guests make in first class service environments.

As integrated components of our curriculum we offer you workshops that are always in high demand. They accentuate your knowledge in various interactive and realistic ways. This invaluable experience increases your self-esteem and optimizes the preparation required for successful entry into the industry.

Our most popular workshops include:

  • How to Market Myself!
  • Techniques to Optimize Customer Support
  • Maximizing Interview Skills
  • Maximizing Your Communication Skills
  • Help You to Develop Presentations
  • Help you to Optimize your CV