Another fresh new year is here . . . a year full of opportunities!

In January 2018 a new calendar year has begun and new challenges await B.H.M.S. and our students as well!

The exciting first intake of 2018 took place a few days ago at B.H.M.S. and we had an amazing time all together, as many new students arrived at school and attended a busy, informative but amazing orientation day!

During the orientation day our new students got to know their new friends, the school’s campuses, the B.H.M.S. staff, the e-Learning platform and they met our director Mr. Beat Wicki and the academic staff.

Another fresh new year is here . . . a year full of opportunities!     Another fresh new year is here - B.H.M.S. Lucerne    A new year full of opportunities - 2018 

This time, as part of the orientation day, our students participated also in a fascinating scavenger hunt competition to discover the hidden gems of B.H.M.S. and Lucerne and the winning team was announced at the ‘welcome dinner’.

In January 2018 a new calendar year has begun - B.H.M.S. Students    first intake of 2018 - Business & Hotelmanagement School Lucerne    B.H.M.S. Lucerne - First intake of 2018 

But before the welcome dinner, our new students enjoyed an Apéro with drinks and snacks and they had fun taking photos with the B.H.M.S. Facebook and Instagram frame boards.

First intake of 2018 for B.H.M.S. Students    Orientation day for the new students    New Students at B.H.M.S. - First Intake 2018 

During the welcome dinner, which took place at the school’s restaurant, everyone enjoyed the Culinary delicacies prepared for them by our amazing culinary staff and students!

Orientation Day January 2018    Orientation day for the new B.H.M.S. students    A new Student at B.H.M.S. Lucerne   
First Intake 2018 at B.H.M.S. - Study Business and Hotelmanagement in Switzerlan    Studying Business and Hotelmanagement in Switzerlan

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