B.H.M.S. Culinary Academy Gold Cup Competition

As part of their study journey, our students from the Bachelor in Culinary Arts enjoyed participating in an amazing event, the B.H.M.S. Culinary Academy Gold Cup Competition!

This was their first time our students participated in a culinary competition with an amazing prize... a trip to Luxembourg to support the Lucerne culinary team at the culinary world cup. 

Team Lucerne is a professional culinary team who will compete in order to win their 3rd gold medal in a row this year, something that wasn’t achieved by any Swiss team in the past. Also, they are the only regional culinary team to represent Switzerland this year in a competition which takes place only once every 4 years! 

For this competition at B.H.M.S., we created a supportive environment, as the students knew the kitchen, their competitors, and the judges.  
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Our Executive Chef and the B.H.M.S. Culinary Academy Program Leader, chef Shaun Leonard, was very impressed with all the students who competed and gave amazing performances. But Stefan Corbie, from Trinidad and Tobago, created the most creative dish and won the Gold Cup and the ticket to Luxembourg as well!

About the winner and his performance Chef Leonard said:
“The winning dish was simply excellent in terms of presentation, flavor, use of ingredients, textures, and cooking degrees. Equally the work ethic, food waste, use of equipment, organization were all extremely professional. I have seen veteran competitors not produce something that good.” 

B.H.M.S. Culinary Academy Gold Cup Competition     Culinary Academy Gold Cup Competition - B.H.M.S. Lucerne     B.H.M.S. Lucerne - Culinary Academy Gold Cup Competition

We would like to congratulate our student Chef Stefan Corbie for winning the B.H.M.S. Culinary Academy Gold Cup, and all our students who showed their creativity in such a professional way!

Performing at competition level challenges the students to put their knowledge and understanding of food to test and push their ability to experiment at all levels, especially in the pairing of food in a creative way.

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