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Career Possibilities as a B.H.M.S. Graduate

One of the most fundamental factors to consider while choosing an institution is employability after graduation. In fact, 90 % of B.H.M.S. graduates get a job placement offer. Having experience related to the hospitality industry will not only benefit graduates striving to succeed in major hotel chains but will also build a foundation of extremely important transferable skills required in the business sector.

For those students who are interested to pursue studies on a Masters level, B.H.M.S. offers Dual MBA Degrees that last 1 academic year and are accredited by the York St. John University. Students can choose from 3 main specializations - International Hospitality Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship or Global Marketing. After graduating with an MBA Degree students can be employed in virtually every sector.

Career Possibilities as a B.H.M.S. Graduate

Milena Barsukova, graduated in 2017 with an MBA Degree
Currently works as a Research Associate in a consulting firm

Milena has found her career path as a Research Associate at Stanton Chase - one of the major executive search and consulting firms.

“Choosing the MBA in Global Management program at B.H.M.S. was my aspiration for a better understanding of business fundamentals across the entire value chain.” - Milena says.

“I wanted to learn about the many aspects of business management and my studies taught me how to apply the key principles of corporate strategic development and what defines the best drivers for operational excellence. And I’m happy to say that after two years of studying at B.H.M.S. my best expectations were met in full.”

In fact, hotels are also businesses and can offer a wide range of business-related internships for those who are aspiring to build a career in this sector. After expanding her academic background in class, Milena gained her first working experience as an intern in Finance and later on in Sales & Marketing.

“I expanded my academic background which led to a proper foundation for the next step in my professional development in the field of Human Resources as a Research Associate at Stanton Chase, one of the leading international Executive Search companies.

People are the vital asset both in Hospitality and in Executive Search and dealing with people requires a wide range of skill sets, treasuring them, engaging them and demanding them. Studying at B.H.M.S. and working in Switzerland offered me a mixture of both business and hospitality skills and helps me greatly with my analytical work now, with the broad and the most diverse information.

My transferable skills equipped me with managerial skills that assist me to complete my current duties. Studying at B.H.M.S. was a significant stage of my education and personal development and offered me the right start to my career.”

Career Possibilities as a B.H.M.S. Graduate

Roy Wu, graduated with an MBA Degree
Currently works as a Senior Consultant at one for the Big Four Consulting Firms

Mr. Roy Wu is another MBA Alumnus from B.H.M.S. who found his career path at one for the Big Four Consulting Firms. In fact, he was recently promoted to Senior Consultant. He shared with us some feedback and insights on how to effectively use the knowledge obtained during study time in order to boost his successful career:

“Utilising the theory and putting it into practice was the most valuable skill I gained from studying at B.H.M.S. For hospitality background graduates, there is always a gap between theory and practice. Nevertheless, studying at B.H.M.S. allowed me to pass the barrier in between. I personally benefited from the knowledge gained at B.H.M.S. ever since the beginning of my career in the hotel business until now, working at one of the Big Four Consulting Firms. Knowing how to utilize my knowledge and to use transferable skills is a great competitive advantage nowadays. And this is all possible due to my decision of studying for my MBA degree at B.H.M.S.

Finding a job can be a great challenge, especially due to the lack of work experience. Bachelor Degree students at B.H.M.S. have a great advantage compared to graduates from other schools. By the end of their 3-year studies, students are guaranteed to obtain at least 1,5 years of industry-related working experience which is an essential bridge into the working world.

Career Possibilities as a B.H.M.S. Graduate

Manish Sharma, graduated in 2011 with a BA in Hotel Management
Currently owns his own restaurant

“Studying at BHMS gave me the confidence to become the ambitious person I am today”, Manish says.“The academic studies and the practical experience at B.H.M.S. have helped me towards accomplishing my goals.”

B.H.M.S. students can benefit from industry training which is guaranteed for 6 months of each academic year. In addition to that, B.H.M.S. graduates are entitled to a placement after graduation that truly boosts their career.

“Working in Switzerland showed me that I can achieve everything I want if I am ready to work hard for it. My training experiences in Switzerland helped me greatly, after graduation, to complete a management training at the Crowne Plaza in Singapore. I also benefited from learning new languages like German and French which gave me a very good understanding of different cultures.” Manish mentioned.

Bachelor Degree studies at B.H.M.S. also include many subjects focused on entrepreneurship and the business side of the hospitality industry. Therefore, some of our ambitious graduates even open their own businesses, and Manish Sharma is one of them.

“Two years ago I have opened a beautiful Italian restaurant lounge in my hometown Jaipur, India. I apply my experience and knowledge to make sure my restaurant has high standards with a focus on customer satisfaction. I am ready for my next challenge of opening my own boutique hotel soon!”

Career Possibilities as a B.H.M.S. Graduate

Cristal Mei Lei graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor Degree in Global Business
Currently works as a content moderator at a business services company

Ms. Cristal Mei Lei, another Bachelor Degree Alumna who graduated in 2018 is already making excellent use of her academic knowledge and practical skills obtained at B.H.M.S. Cristal is currently employed by the Concentrix company as a content moderator. Ms. Cristal Mei Lei says:

“I had a great experience studying at B.H.M.S. The academic courses helped me to increase my knowledge. The skills I have gained at B.H.M.S. helped me to deal with complicated challenges at work. Working hard, applied self-management and communication skills helped me get promoted from the customer services to my current position. After working in Switzerland, I feel confident in dealing with customers. I know how to work under pressure, to multi-task, how to lead and in the end how to overcome cultural differences.”

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