07.11.2018 - Success Stories

Fast-Track Career - Alumna Testimonial

The path to success is dedication and commitment, and when our alumni start working after they graduate, they see clear the benefits of their studies in the professional life.  

Our alumna Ms. Lidia Nepomnyashchaya from Russia, studied at B.H.M.S. for 3 years and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in 2014. Now, she shared with us her career path starting from her study time at B.H.M.S., until her current job at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
                                     Fast-Track Career - Alumna Testimonial - Bachelor Degree at B.H.M.S.

Back in 2012, Lidia started her career as an F&B Service Trainee at a Restaurant located in Zurich, Switzerland. When she successfully completed the first internship and improved her German language skills, Lidia could do a cross-training in a small traditional Swiss hotel where she gained some crucial hospitality experience in Housekeeping, Food and Beverage and Reception. After the completion of her 3rd and final theoretical part of studies at B.H.M.S., Lidia gained all the necessary skills that enabled her to work as a Receptionist at the 5-star Renaissance Hotel in Zurich.

As soon as she graduated, Lidia found her next big career step in one of the most iconic hotels in Abu Dhabi – The Emirates Palace, which is part of the Kempinski group were she works for the last 4 years. The young graduate went from Front Office Agent, to Front Office Supervisor, and then from Ambassador to Sales Executive at the Emirates Palace in only 3 years!

“Currently I am the Sales Executive taking care of the CIS market, so I am helping to bring business into the hotel. My main responsibility is to keep in touch with the agencies from mostly Russian speaking countries.’’

Fast-Track Career - Bachelor Degree at B.H.M.S.    Fast-Track Career - Alumna Testimonial - B.H.M.S. Lucerne    Fast-Track Career - Alumna Testimonial - Bachelor Degree at B.H.M.S.

Regarding her study experience at BHMS, Lidia said:

“My experience at B.H.M.S. was of course amazing, I met wonderful friends which I still keep on touch with until this very moment, even though it has already been 4 years since our graduation. I loved all the courses and especially the first year where it was more focused on practical skills, so basically we were learning everything, even how to properly tuck in the pillows and linens. As well at the restaurant – how to properly serve, where to place the knives and forks. So, the first year contained more practical learning. The second year went deeper into theory, and the third year was the most informative and serious, as it was obviously the final year. I definitely learned a lot, which even until this very moment in being who I am and in what I am doing.

Thanks to the school I had an amazing opportunity to have both theoretical and practical education with 3 internships in Switzerland, which have really helped me to be where I am at the moment.

I am really grateful to B.H.M.S. for giving me this amazing opportunity to be in the Hospitality field and allowing me to do what I love the most.”

We would like to thank our alumna Lidia Nepomnyashchaya for sharing her study and career experience so far, and we want to wish her further success in her professional career!

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