Sport and Event Marketing Seminar for the M.Sc students

At the end of the first semester of the MSc in International Hospitality, the students have the opportunity of taking part in one themed seminar to conclude the academic part of the course. The current M.S.c students have voted and chosen the specialized seminar focused on Sport and Event Marketing.

As part of the seminar in Sport and Event Marketing, the students had the chance to witness, firsthand, the management of one of the biggest one-day sport events in Switzerland this year, and the most important football match for Switzerland: the World Cup Play-offs between Northern Ireland and Switzerland.

Sport and Event Marketing Seminar for the M.Sc students

The students visited St Jakob Stadium in Basel on Fri 10 Nov 2017, right after the 1st leg of the World Cup play-off between Northern Ireland and Switzerland  which took place at Windsor Park in Belfast where Switzerland won 1-0.

They toured the various departments and listened to the sport event management staff on hospitality, media, ticketing, and security. They learned about the preparation and management of the 2nd leg of the play-off taking place on Sunday 12 Nov 2017 at the very same stadium. The game attracted a full house of more than 38,000 football fans and a large TV audience.

Sport and Event Marketing Seminar - M.Sc students    Sport and Event Marketing Seminar for the B.H.M.S. M.Sc students    Seminar focused on Sport and Event Marketing - B.H.M.S. Lucerne

The 3-day Sport and Event Marketing seminar also covers the following topics:

  • Global sponsorship and project management.
  • The complexity of sport events such as the Olympic Games, World Soccer Championships, Cricket, Tennis, Golf and more examples.
  • Sponsorship-platforms for partners (including hotels, logistics, catering, entertainment).
  • Additional aspects of security, HR, personal resources management, leadership, communication and PR, including digital media, quality management, ethics, legal issues of global events, sustainability (green events). 

Other options of seminars are offered to the students as below:

  • Spa, Beauty & Wellness Management

Students explore the market trends and product developments, shaping the industry and the variety of facilities, services and management strategies available to meet these demands.

  • Branding, Luxury Products & Services Management

Luxury brands are prevalent in today's society. The symbolism, experiential and emotional identities of some of the world's most famous brands is investigated together with the consumer behavior driving these products and services.

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