Start a successful career life at B.H.M.S.

Every graduate’s goal is to become a skilled candidate by the end of the course in order to land a good job and start building a successful career, right?

You can be sure about it at B.H.M.S.! It is in our mission the commitment to the students’ professional development.  Our courses are designed to prepare the students to work in a diverse environment while providing the opportunity of acquiring real work experience in Switzerland or abroad.

Our professional development plan is composed of many activities that will help you with the development and improvement of soft skills and will lead to a successful placement.

In addition to providing a quality academic education, the B.H.M.S. students have many opportunities along the course to be part of events which will add to their personal and professional development as you can see in the examples below:

CV Photo shooting

Looking professional on the CV is certainly a good way to get you noticed when applying for a job.The photo is one of the most important parts of the CV.

We support our students offering them the chance to take a photo which expresses their personality and professional attitude.

CV Photo Shooting B.H.M.S.    Looking Professional on the CV - Photo Shooting - B.H.M.S. Students    Start a successful career life at B.H.M.S.

Pre-Qualification IT Meeting

In this meeting,  the students are informed about the first steps they have to take to be placed during the IT – Industry Training. Additionally, they become aware of their rights and duties during the internship period.

We also inform them the best practices for building an effective CV, besides giving tips for the interviews.

B.H.M.S. Students - Start a successful career life at B.H.M.S.    Pre-Qualification IT Meeting - B.H.M.S. Lucerne    B.H.M.S. Students - Pre-Qualification IT Meeting


At B.H.M.S., we organize diverse workshops with guest lecturers from our partner universities or with industry leaders as examples below.

Our BA Culinary Arts students had the pleasure of having a lesson about "Food Tourism" with the guest lecturer Mr. Craig Leith, a senior lecturer from our partner university Robert Gordon University.        

Workshop: Having a lesson about "Food Tourism" - B.H.M.S. Students

Mr. Han Kirby, Senior Manager of the Intercontinental Hotel Sanlitun Beijing, gave a guest lecture to our B.H.M.S. students.

He reviewed the luxury hotel industry - the challenges and the recent trends.

Mr. Han Kirby, Senior Manager of the Intercontinental Hotel Sanlitun Beijing    B.H.M.S. Lucerne    Mr. Han Kirby reviewed the luxury hotel industry

Recruitment events

As a student at B.H.M.S., you will have the opportunity to participate in recruitment events with different companies.

One example is White Lodging, the fastest-growing hotel ownership, development, and management company in America. The White Lodging representatives introduced the company to the B.H.M.S. students and after the presentation they had interviewed students who were interested in opportunities abroad in one of the luxury brands hotels they work with.

The White Lodging - fastest-growing hotel ownership

See more examples here.

Field trips

Field trips are an important component of the study programs at B.H.M.S. They enrich the overall learning experience and broaden the knowledge acquired during the academic lessons.

B.H.M.S. lecturers organize frequently industry related excursions. These activities are immersion experiences where the students can learn about companies related to the diverse aspects of the Hospitality Industry.

B.H.M.S. Lucerne - students get prepared for starting a successful career life

These are only a few examples of how our students get prepared for starting a successful career life.

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