Success stories from B.H.M.S. students!

B.H.M.S. is proud of its students and their success stories!

One of these success stories come from our student Mr. Prithvi Raj who followed his passion and now he watches his dreams become a reality!

Prithvi, had passion for food and chased his dreams by studying Culinary Arts at B.H.M.S.!
During the first year of studies at B.H.M.S., he completed the 6-month academic courses and his first 6-month internship took place at an Indian restaurant.
During the second year of studies, he enjoyed learning in-depth more Culinary techniques and his second internship took place at the Mövenpick Hotel & Casino in Geneva, Switzerland. Prithvi, can't wait to complete his studies at B.H.M.S,. as he will start studying for the Bachelor degree in Culinary  Arts on February 2018 and this third year will be an even more exciting experience for him!

Prithvi also has passion for Teppanyaki, which is the modern style of Japanese cuisine based around an open iron cooktop, where the food is grilled right in front of the customers. Recently he posted in social media a video with him showing his Teppanyaki skills and it went viral with over 1.2 million views! But not only that!

The ‘Deccan Herald’ newspaper interviewed Prithvi regarding his passion in Culinary Arts and his Teppanyaki techniques!

We, at B.H.M.S., will keep encouraging our students to chase your dreams and be passionate about your studies and your goals as well!

And as Prithvi said in his interview: ‘Always look at the big picture. You may have to struggle now, but if you're willing to put in the hours needed, then you'll definitely get where you want to be.’

Congratulations to all our hard working students and to Prithvi Raj for his accomplishments! Well done!

Read the whole interview by clicking on the photo below:

Success stories from B.H.M.S. students!  

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